Book Review: I Am Yours by Reema Zaman

On February 12, 2020, I attended a comedy event called “It’s Not Me, It’s You: Stories from the Dark Side of Dating,” at Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland, Oregon. In an attempt to donate to Planned Parenthood and also enjoy an evening of entertainment, I was introduced to Reema Zaman. She spoke about how dating herself was the best choice for her to thrive as an Artist and Writer. Her inspirational story had me searching for and purchasing her book I Am Yours that weekend. 

Today, I finished reading the last page of her Memoir. It already has rave reviews from well-known Authors like Cheryl Strayed, and although I am new to this world of writing, I’d like to give my two cents. This book is marvelous!

As she leads you through the story of her life, thus far, the reader is transported to her different ‘chapters’ and how each experience helped her find her voice. How we as women, a collective, have found our voice throughout time. 

I read through her words thoroughly, taking my time to underline and highlight parts I identified with and love. On page 90, one of my favorite quotes “The voice, too, is a muscle.” So eloquently stated. Then just thirty-six pages later, “Love is the sweetest itch.” Reema has a way with words, and connection to universal feelings. She details her experiences through honesty, and helps women feel united through things she/we have endured. After all, WE are all so similar. 

Reema states “If there isn’t a role that fulfills me, I’ll genesis my own.” I feel empowered by her words and am thankful for all that she shares in these pages. If you have a chance to get a copy of this book, please do. Take time to be moved, and feel all the feels of what this woman’s journey reveals for yourself.