Craniosacral Therapy: A Life-changing experience with an Angel

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What is Craniosacral Therapy?

I asked myself the same question when I had a good friend explain how this therapy could release old emotions/energy. If you have never heard of it, then I suggest you google it or just follow the wikipedia link:

If you are a skeptic, like me, then I needed to experience this first hand before believing it could help. I had my first appointment almost a month ago. I was nervous because, as with any therapy, I was extremely vulnerable. The Therapist asked me a serious of questions and when she asked if I had ever experienced any major trauma, I broke down! This was only the Q&A portion of my appointment and I was already in tears.

She then gave me an overview of what the session would entail and that if I had any pain, I should let her know. It was a safe space. As I laid down on the table, I felt peace, but then the emotional roller coaster began. In summary, due to a traumatic childhood with an unpredictable/unstable father, I have always had a hard time feeling supported by men and have had a hard time cultivating positive relationship with them. I let go of all of these emotions in those sixty minutes and felt such an enormous weight lifted. I could not believe it!

I then went home to rest and came back for another session two days later. In this session, I started by thinking about my past and how I was really truly in love with my first love at seventeen. I was with my “High school Sweetheart” for five years, and it was such a solid foundation with him and his family. I wanted so badly to make a family of our own, but we were too young. We grew up and went separate ways. I guess I admitted to always longing for a similar relationship, and my high expectations had also kept me from good relationships with other men. In the session I felt joy and even envisioned myself having a baby! I could hardly believe it. I am completely rewired thanks to this experience.

I learned to let go of a lot of emotional baggage, and I will never be the same again.