Introducing Phoebe Glen

Hello, I would like to introduce myself…

My name is Phoebe Glen and I am a feminist writer. Originally from the USA, I moved to Europe in 2015, and think I’ll stay. I enjoy sharing my stories and opinions with everyone. Whether or not people agree, I think it is important to speak your mind.

About five years ago, I was having brunch with one of my best friends after a night of partying. As we mulled over the events of the previous night and described some of our vague memories, I told her the story of my hook up with a guy. We laughed and she said “That sounds like something I would read in a book. You should write a book. I would read it.”

What began as a funny storytelling session has now turned into a book.

Once the book was written, the political climate in the United States inspired me to support a cause dear to my heart.

Women’s Rights.

As I wrote my personal experiences about love and sex, my basis for the theme evolved into a mission to encourage better Sex Ed globally.

Why is a natural part of life so taboo in some cultures? I never understood this as I was growing up, and since I learn best by doing, I created my own Sex Ed.

In the United States, it can no longer have an objective of “Abstinence until marriage.” The information needs to be transparent. Children should be taught their basic human anatomy. They should be educated about the consequences and how to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Sex Ed should include information about all sexual orientations/preferences. Most of all, there should be more messages of self love…and I’m not referring to masturbation.

It is something that is not taught, and I believe it is essential to our being.

Thankfully, I had the support of a wonderful organization that is now under attack. Planned Parenthood provides so much healthcare to people, with or without insurance. As a young woman, I was able to visit clinics (wherever I lived) and have annual check ups, STD testing, and was provided birth control…all at affordable costs.

The more people know about contraceptives and consequences, the better society will be.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
~Nelson Mandela

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