Praise for “Pod Save the People”

I mentioned Deray McKesson and his book On the Other Side of Freedom in my previous blog post Life in Portland, OR in Summer 2020 about a month ago, and now I have finished reading it, and want to spread the inspiration he delivers.

There’s no doubt that the majority of the population in the USA feels like 2020 is quite a dumpster fire! With so much uncertainty and fear shoved in our faces daily (turn off your TV), it is hard to find hope. Deray’s transparent reports of his involvement with the beginning of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and his personal life, help connect those of us who haven’t been on the front lines, to what has been going on for decades; moreover, the past six years of Police brutality toward Black Americans.

In his book he encourages us to create the future we want for ourselves and coming generations starting today, stating “We will need each other if we are to get to a place where we end oppression and create the conditions where we protect that win.” Then follows that with “When you start to pull back the curtain on the world around you, you start to see that this was built by someone—and that you can be a builder too.” Wanting more after my read, I turned to his podcast Pod Save The People. I highly recommend you follow and tune in to the weekly show, new on Tuesdays.

The podcast highlights what’s going on in civil rights and Black Lives Matter, with guests who give more insight from their first hand accounts. Get involved in your community and get inspired!