The Art of Detachment: Finding Contentment in Being


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What does it mean to detach yourself? To become separate, independent of outside influence. Whether you identify with materialistic things in life? Or possibly to be free from relationships?

To just be.

As a minimalist myself, I already practice the “less is more” approach to life. So clearly I have no trouble letting go of attachment to things. I value practical things, and collect nothing but happy moments.


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From another perspective, it is important to remain neutral to your feelings. Things that can excite us, or on the other hand cause worry.

In a article by Benjamin P. Hardy titled ‘This 6-Word Sentence Will Give You Complete Freedom And High Performance,’ he states “Whether you worry about the outcome or not, everything will turn out okay. You might as well let go of the worry. In the realm of creativity, the moment you realize you can try and fail — and that everything will be okay — then you are free to create.” (

That was the main message I took away from the reading, but if you want the magic six words, then you will have to read it for yourself.