What will the Future of Education look like?

Image from https://elearningindustry.com/9-things-shape-future-of-education-learning-20-years

It’s January 2000, and I am in the 7th Grade…

My English class is given a writing prompt with the title “What will the future hold for me?” I write that “A lot of people won’t need to work in an office building, because with computers they will be able to work at home.” Thanks to my mom for keeping my old things, I recently came across this writing sample while visiting with her over Labor Day weekend. The first time we had seen each other since COVID-19 unfolded. She lives about three hours away.

Anyway, in our ever-changing world, I was quite the predictor at the age of 13! Although I was well aware of how computers would shape our future back then, I do not have all the answers. I know that I am one of the lucky ones, because as the world closed for ‘The Great Pause’, I have been able to continue working remotely. Thank you Universe!

As the 2020-2021 School Year begins in parts of the world and USA, I am curious how the future will look for education. Prior to working for a corporation (yep, I sold out to pay off debt), I was a Teacher for eight years! My timing could not have been better!!!

I came across an article today titled “The 30 Best High-Paying Jobs of the Future,” and as I searched through what Industries will reap the most rewards, I was taken aback by the levels of higher education needed for many of these roles. I have often said that I would pursue a Master’s Degree, and have even applied and been accepted to programs, but turned them down once I saw the price for tuition! Will the price of education go down as a result of free information online? Will higher education degrees and certifications be necessary when you can watch a video on Youtube?

Will the new ‘Pod Teacher’ concept last? Will parents have to continue to wear many hats each day, to balance their workload and their children’s education demands at home? Will people start to have less children? What will the future hold for our world? I’d like to hope it will make us better people. Looking forward to how this all unravels.